Intellectual Disability Outreach Consultants

Michael Mweyo’s Interactive Consulting provides a professional, creative,
flexible, and client centred service for people whose needs are not adequately
met by conventional Disability Services.

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Who We Are

Intellectual Disability Services at MMIC Services

Who We are

MMIC Services Pty Ltd

Michael Mweyo’s Interactive Consulting (MMIC) provides a professional, flexible and person centred service for people whose needs are not adequately met by conventional Disability Services.

MMIC Services Pty Ltd commenced operations on a sole trader basis in 1999 prior to being a company in 2007. We service the Melbourne Metropolitan area and can venture in other regions outside the metropolitan upon agreement.

We focus on the development of skills, confidence and existing strengths for everyday life situations.


MMIC Services is registered for the following NDIS Groups

We have an experienced team that is committed to assist clients to minimise behaviours of concern and encourage positives outcomes.

  • NDIS refers to specialist behavioural intervention support as “….support interventions to address significantly harmful of persistent behaviours of concern….”
  • MMIC Services believe in a holistic approach in developing-Functional Assessments - Behaviour Support Plans
  • Where skill development and opportunities for expression are explored as a conduit to provide alternatives that enhance quality of life.
  • Our support plans are based around empowering the individual to be able to manage their own behaviour rather than place any restrictive interventions

To enable our participants to engage in community, social and recreational activities to further gain or enhance skills that assists one in integrating in society and improve quality of life. In particular this service is for participants that would be at risk of isolation without this service.

  • To assist participants to understand their plan
  • Management of ongoing supports
  • To support participation in taking a lead in the NDIS plan

MMIC Services Charter Act

The Charter Act contains twenty rights that promote and protect the values of freedom, respect, equality and dignity. The Victorian Government, local councils and other public authorities must consider how human rights are protected when creating legislation, implementing policies or delivering services. The Charter Act protects the following rights in Victoria:

Human rights are protected under the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (the Charter Act), which came into full effect on 1 January 2008.

Further information on the Rights and Responsibilities with Charter Act access sites below;

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MMIC Services Complaints and Feedback

A Feedback and Complaints Form will be made available to the individual to lodge their grievance; however, it is not mandatory that they use the form. The Feedback and Complaints Form can be used to make anonymous complaints.

Grievances can be lodged directly with a staff member, either verbally or by providing a completed Feedback and Complaints Form

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